The last year has been like no other time in our living memory.  The effects of the COVID pandemic have affected us all.

Now on the eve of our first step out of our 3rd national lockdown after over 4 months we emerge full of anticipation and hope for brighter days ahead.

It's about standing on the edge and marvelling at the beauty of life.  A leap into the unknown ~ none of us may ever know what lies ahead. It is that knowledge ~ or rather, the acceptance of an unknown future ~ that has made me celebrate the present, and cherish the daily miracle of all that is means to love and live…


Size:  45 cms high x 35 cms wide x 25 cms deep

Unique mixed media: featuring reclaimed oak from Wilton estate, Wiltshire,  aluminium rods, wire, polyvinyl acetate, e-poxy resin, textiles soaked in resin ~ including vintage Irish linen, French leather gloves, acrylic paint & polyurethane.

Contact Dawn for viewing, payment & delivery (delivery in UK £25) options: