Tales of tulle and satin pointes.

Capturing the contemplative moment of a ballerina stretching in her sparkling costume, poised with anticipation before going on stage for her performance.

You can say things through dance that you could never express in words.  

Poise and glamour.


Encapsulating the magic of ballet.

Full of magical charm & whimsy, it transports you into another world.


'Grace' bronze ballerina (2018)
'Grace' bronze ballerina (2018)
bronze ballerina
Grace bronze ballerina

'Joie de vivre' —

“a feeling of happiness or excitement about life,”... 

'Dream dancer' (2018)
'Bella' (2016)

Life-affirming poses, reaching for the sky in exuberance, holding a child close, or simply sitting with a contemplative air.


My pieces are about being human, being alive, death, happiness and celebrating how amazing it all is..

Poise and glamour with

extravagant staging and romantic motifs.

Happy client who wrote kind words...
“I feel a little teary just looking at it.
I absolutely love your work” ~ Emily

'Treading lightly' - bronze (2020)
'En pointe' - bronze (2019)
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