Hugo - polar bear

Poignant.  Proud.  Lovable…

There is a longing look of Hugo, the polar bear.   Precariously positioned on the tip of the iceberg base (metal groyne tip was cast to create this iceberg base).  The groyne tip was salvaged from the river Thames, whilst being replaced due rising river levels. 

Hugo captures the vulnerability of our planet and our place within it.

Cast in solid bronze, to make a statement ~ the gold metal highlights come through rich and striking on 'Hugo' and tactile sea groyne tip base, encased with chalk from the river Thames.

Limited edition of 8

Size: 43 cms high includes ice berg base. 

Polar bear measures around 15 cms in length

Base measures 18 cm x 18 cms at the bottom.


Contact Dawn for viewing, payment & delivery options:


 (first edition available for Christmas)

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