Diving into the ocean of life

(series II) (2020)

Ready to make a splash...


Looking out to the vastness of life, capturing that glorious moment when you have picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, grabbed your swimming cap and rubber ring ready to embrace what is in your heart and ‘jump into life’.

Size: 120 cms high x 50 cms wide x 40 cms deep (can be elevated reclaimed hardwood base* to go in or out of water ~ 

* @ additional cost)

Bronze resin edition: 3 of 8 

£2,800 (resin)

A step into the unknown, propelled by the belief that hope may still prevail and endure.  None of us may ever know what lies ahead.    It is that knowledge ~ or rather, the acceptance of an unknown future ~ that has made me celebrate the present, and cherish the daily miracle of all that is means to love and live…


Bronze resin edition: 3 of 8 

Production time: 8 weeks (approx)

Bronze: Suitable for in or outdoor settings - suitable for positioning into ponds or any other body of water. 

Mounting options:  timber, sandstone, brick, rock, concrete or any solid surface.

Find out more info on limited edition sculptures 

Contact Dawn for viewing, payment & delivery options: hello@dawnconn.com

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