Hello Sunshine

No matter where you are, during the recent quarantine time, there seems to be a common thread of reaching back to the past for some familiarity. The nostalgia from our childhood days promotes a simple optimism as we try to block the pandemic out.   

Size: 55 cms high x 20 cms wide x 15 cms deep


I have been sorting through old family photos. I discovered a simple, wholesome & happy theme. The relaxed and rustic get togethers or days out - it was pure happiness. I loved the stylish statement looks of my parents/grandparents early days of cats eye sunglasses with the bouffant beehive hair. It makes me think of the Doris Day song: ‘you are my sunshine’

I played tribute to Mothers in this piece . My Mum loved going to the beach ~ it was her happy and relaxing place.   It is only in recent years with the onset of Mum’s Alzheimer’s that she has found comfort & peace in the memories of her childhood at the beach..  Memories we can all relate to governed by simplicity, joy and curiosity.  

Celebrating the childlike feeling of possibilities & cherishing the forgotten simplicity of a free & happy thoughts. Childhood summers that still stretch on for ever.

Unique mixed media: featuring reclaimed hardwood from Southampton docks, aluminium rods, wire, polyvinyl acetate, e-poxy resin, textiles soaked in resin ~ including vintage French leather gloves, Irish linen, acrylic paint & polyurethane.

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