A old, rusty metal rudder discarded to the back of the engineer's workshop.  It caught my eye with interest. I asked if I could have it and the answer was 'yes'.


Collaborating with a blacksmith we created a wee boat on top of a wave - the story came...

A boy, dog and his boat riding off into adventure.


I then found out it was a rudder off a 'little ship' that went to Dunkirk and it was so much more than just a boy, dog and his boat - a piece of history, inspired by memories, marks and fragments of people, places and tales.  

After the shades of war have fled,
And the final battle fought,
We will recall the Little Ships,
And the great things they have wrought;
We'll regale again, with smiles and tears,
The humble names they bore –
The Little Ships that faced the flames,
Upon that farthest shore. 

The Day of Little Ships

Poem by Cicely Fox Smith

Size:  62 cms high x 22 cms wide x 20 cms deep 

Unique mixed media: featuring up cycled metal rudder from 'little ship' of Dunkirk, aluminium rods, wire, polyvinyl acetate, e-poxy resin, textiles soaked in resin ~ including vintage textiles, Irish linen, French kid leather,  acrylic paint & polyurethane.

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