Bronze diving girl (POA)

Bronze diving girl (POA)


'It's all about finding wonderment of the little moments in our life that delight us...'

Taking the first step into the unknown - capturing in essence: the sheer joy of all life has to offer.  Celebrating the epitome of woman. Beautiful and strong.

The fragments of the layers reveal the depth of our existence. It’s the vein of wholeness. It’s the unexpected resilience.  It’s a new horizon within.

A leap into the unknown - none of us may ever know what lies ahead.    It is that knowledge ~ or rather, the acceptance of an unknown future ~ that I wish we celebrate the present, and cherish the daily miracle of all that is means to live…

This swimming girl exhort us to embrace going forward, to live life to the fullest.

Playfulness.   Vitality.   Joy.

Size:  70 cms high x 55 cms wide x 50 cms deep ~ 90 cm high plinth available at additional cost.

Bronze: Suitable for in or outdoor settings.

Limited edition of six ~ bronze edition: 4 of 6

Contact for viewing, payment & delivery options:

Contact for viewing, payment & delivery options:

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