En pointe (POA)

En pointe (POA)


Capturing a moment of beauty and elegance ~ the latest bronze ballerina: ‘En pointe’ , reaches for the sky in exuberance.

‘En pointe’ draw on my love of figurative expression - representing my vision and spirit.  I want my sculptures to lift the viewer and take them to a nostalgic, happy place for a timeless moment.

This original sculpture is created with deep emotion, energy and the sheer 'joie de vivre' of seeking out and capturing the joy of the little moments in our life that delight us in a way that is both enchanting and meaningful.  

Size:  155 cms high x 55 cms wide x 30 cms deep ~ steel plinth available (additional cost) for indoor or steel plate for outdoor option.

Bronze: Suitable for in or outdoor settings.

Limited edition of six ~ Bronze edition: 1 of 6

Contact for viewing, payment & delivery options: hello@dawnconn.com ~ will be on show @ The Savill garden from: 25 Sept to 24 Nov 2019 : http://www.windsorgreatpark.co.uk/en/news-and-events/events/art-in-the-garden

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