Joining the circus

Joining the circus


Childhood memories.   Simple pleasures.   Playfulness.   Happiness.

Clutching the wee puffin ~ known as the ‘clowns of the sea’ ready to ‘join the circus’ - a group of puffins. No big deal, but kind of perfect ~ a day of freedom and fun, ready for an adventure.

It’s all about sea breeze and beach toes.  Dazzling blues and scorching heat. It’s about stories of a forgotten wildness and adventures, that I once forged as a child.  Beach days on the golden sand.  Looking out to the vast ocean, as the sun paints a happy face on my heart. Recalling the childlike feeling of possibilities & cherishing the forgotten simplicity of carefree happiness.

Size:  58 cms high x 20 cms wide x 20 cms deep

Unique mixed media: featuring kauri hardwood, steel, wire, polyvinyl acetate, e-poxy resin, vintage christening gown lace trim, acrylic paint & polyurethane.

On display @ “Sculptures in the gardens” (21 August to 8 Sept):
Spetchley Park Gardens, Spetchley, Worcester, WR5 1RS

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