Bird feeder (POA)

Bird feeder (POA)


Her wildflowers sing with their sweetness, as the dappled sunlight twinkles through the hedge-grow entwining her as the nightingale bird perches gently in her hand..

‘Bird feeder’ encapsulates that sense of joy and freedom that only nature can bring.  For this piece at its heart, is a wish to celebrate the beauty of this world - and our place within it - to care and nurture mother earth.

My sculptures draw on my love of figurative expression. My art has always represented my vision and spirit.  I want my sculptures to lift the viewer and take them to a nostalgic, happy place for a timeless moment.

Size:  162 cms high x 27 cms wide x 20 cms deep

Unique mixed media: up-cycled timber, powder coated steel, metal frame, wire, polyvinyl acetate, waterproof resin, e-poxy-resin, vintage Irish linen textile, acrylic paint & UV polyurethane.

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