First day of summer

First day of summer


Remembering going to the beach as a young girl and enjoying long summer days with my family. They were simple times. Grabbing a towel and our Mum would carry the bag of food and a blanket. That was it. Running into the sea, whooping and hollering for joy.  Taking turns to bury each other in the sand, then playing with the sand, shells, and sticks - working on sand castles for hours, until knees were rubbed raw. I loved Mum taking us to the beach. Like most children, we break out into a run as soon as we’d see the sea. I know I’ll never grow out of that excitement.

Memories we can all relate to governed by simplicity, joy and curiosity.  I know the beach is my happy place and I cherish those memories together.

Happiest of days, the smallest details ~ memories and emotions, feel eternally entwined.

Size: 30 cms high x 22 cms wide x 20 cms deep

Unique mixed media:  Antique timber form 17th century finial from Lambeth, South London Bishop house, aluminium, wire, waterproof building resin, polyvinyl acetate, e-poxy-resin, antique Victorian textile, acrylic paint & polyurethane.

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