'It's all about finding wonderment of the little moments in our life that delight us...'

Remember when you were a child and believed anything was possible.  Remember that feeling of wonderment and excitement in simple pleasures. 

Playfulness.   Vitality.   Strength.   Joy.

My wish is that my swimmer girl, who is ‘ready to dive into the ocean of life,’ will reconnect you with those fun & free childhood days. Inspiring you, going forward, to live life to the fullest.

Size: 150 cms high x 56 cms wide x 30 cms deep (including 19th century oak bollard)

Unique mixed media: featuring 19th century oak bollard on steel base, aluminium steel frame, waterproof polyvinyl acetate, building resin, e-poxy-resin, vintage textile, acrylic paint & exterior waterproof UV polyurethane.

Currently showing @: 'The Doorway Gallery, 24 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2 (Mon to Sat 10:30 to 6:00pm)

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