Meet you at the waters edge

Meet you at the waters edge


Looking out to the vastness of life, capturing that glorious moment when you have picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, grabbed your hat and ball ready to embrace what is in your heart and ‘jump into life’.

Painting a picture coloured in happiness. Sunlight warming the skin. The sound of the breeze in the trees. The smell of suncream. Afternoons stretching on and on for ever. Ready to play. Dreamtime.

Embracing her own special mix of energy: there is excitement, along with a bunch of joy.

Size:  70 cms high x 24 cms wide x 20 cms deep

Unique mixed media: timber, powder coated steel, metal frame, wire, polyvinyl acetate, waterproof resin, e-poxy-resin, vintage Irish linen textile, acrylic paint & UV polyurethane.

On display @ “Sculptures in the gardens” (21 August to 8 Sept):
Spetchley Park Gardens, Spetchley, Worcester, WR5 1RS

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