Confident & poised… At any age or stage of life ~ accepting our body and living life with joy.

Looking into the sky in exuberance. Feeling happy and carefree. Celebrating life.

Inspired by the love of the beach and the enjoyment of the simple things in life. Being in nature encourages us, for at least a moment in time, to forget about schedules, troubles and deadlines. Reminding us to take a lesson from the great outdoors.

Taking time to breathe. Taking time to play. Taking time to enjoy.

Playfulness.   Vitality.   Strength.   Joy.

Size:  53 cms high x 24 cms wide x 20 cms deep

Unique mixed media: vintage tropical hardwood, metal frame, wire, polyvinyl acetate, waterproof resin, e-poxy-resin, vintage 1930s french soutache textile, acrylic paint & UV polyurethane.

Contact for viewing, payment & delivery options: hello@dawnconn.com

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