effloresce ... verb [ef-luh-res] : to burst into bloom, blossom.

Bloom's curiosity draws her to lean over to smell the pink, peony flower bloom, clutching to her favourite furry friend.  Bloom is a celebration of a favourite things: flowers, furry friends, ballet, taking the time to smell the roses and childhood fun.  I love to create sculptures that touch the free spirit in us, most often through memories of childhood.

For this piece at its heart, is a wish to celebrate the beauty of this world - and our place within it - while also reflecting the inevitable passing of time.

My work is essentially figurative and rooted in human connections.  While the truth of the figure is important, I aim to evoke the moment - the energy, the glee, our curiosity, the tenderness in our hearts.

My wish is that "Bloom" will take you to that special place.

Size: 75 cms high x 25 cms wide x 30 cms deep

Unique mixed media:  timber base with black powder coated steel base, wire, waterproof building resin, polyvinyl acetate, e-poxy-resin, antique Victorian textile, acrylic paint & polyurethane.

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