'Ready to dive into the ocean of life' - bronze (2018)

Ready to dive into life.

Summers stretching on forever.

Looking out to the vast ocean as the sun paints a happy face on my heart. Recalling the childlike feeling of possibilities.

'Ready to dive into the ocean of life - mixed media (2018)
'No hesitation' - mixed media (2018)
'Into the deep' (2019)

Dazzling blues and scorching heat.  Beach days on the golden sand.  Sea breeze and beach toes. The thump of the surf. Hot feet on burning sand. Salty sea breeze on drying skin.

It reminds us of those endless summer days by the water full of happy memories.

'Horizons' (2020) 
'First day of summer' - mixed media (2017)
'Diving into the ocean of life' - bronze (2018)

For each sculpture at its heart, is a wish to celebrate the beauty of this world - and our place within it…

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