Tracks are like the memories of life. 
The small moments,
which often a remembered as
the special moments.
The salty taste of the air, the feel of the wind on my cheek, the sweet promise of a few hours with nothing to do but be in the moment.
The ocean air empties our worries from the mind and body and even the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore makes us feel instantly calmer and happier.

Memories we can all relate to governed by simplicity and jouy.

Happiest of days, the smallest details ~ memories and emotions, feel eternally entwined.


one of a kind sculpture

Size: 47 cms high  x 61 cms wide x 18 cms deep

Unique mixed media: mounted on vintage reclaimed miniature stool, steel & aluminium rods, wire, polyvinyl acetate, e-poxy resin, textiles soaked in resin ~ including vintage textiles, Victorian christening gown, Irish linen, French kid leather, hand painted acrylic paint & polyurethane.

Contact Dawn for viewing, payment & delivery options: hello@dawnconn.com