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Dawn Conn Sculpture Artist Oxfordshire


Welcome to the Studio

DK21062023 Montenotte 001.jpg

I believe a sculpture should not only capture your attention, it should also tell a story. 

For me it is the joie de vivre that is my greatest inspiration. It starts with personal experiences, feelings and memories - as a daughter,  as a mother and as a woman.

I channel my memories and emotions into sculptural forms. 


I embark on a journey to capture the essence of the figure - focusing on behaviour, stance and character.

My themes are universal - the celebration of human experience, emotion and connection. 

" Through my work I tell the story of the beautiful and the strong, the wise and the naïve, the hesitant and the brave, and the loved... "

Diving into the ocean of life.jpeg

My hope is for my sculptures to connect and trigger reflection with the viewer. 

I love telling a story through a sculpture’s personality and character. From the expression of their figure and natural their face, their stance and movement.


My art has always represented my slightly quirky and humorous spirit for life.

My Story

After leaving home my love of art deepened with many years researching and admiring art whilst working in Europe as a tour manager. In 2001, I complemented my personal education by studying art history at the university of Queensland, Australia.


Following this, I undertook a decade-long journey of academic art education, including art and design study at the prestigious Central St Martins College in London, as well as continued independent study and organic experimentation.

" I recently bought the 'Bird Feeder' sculpture from Dawn, and 'Wow' it completely blew all expectations.

It is an amazing piece of work that takes pride of place in our garden."

- Ian -

Favourites - 17 of 50.jpeg

The Muses

Swimming sculpture.  Swimming pool art

The Swimmers

Ready to dive into life. 

Swimming girls all taking that first step into the unknown.

​Looking out to the vastness of life, capturing that glorious moment when you are ready to ‘jump into life’.​

Lovingly hand-created, I channel memories and emotions into sculptural forms.​

These girls capture the essence and epitome of woman.

Beautiful and strong.

The Ballerinas

Tales of tulle and satin pointes. Encapsulating the magic of ballet.

Poise and glamour. 


Full of magical charm & whimsy, it transports you into another world.

You can say things through dance that you could never express in words.


Library - 9 of 9_edited.jpg
Favourites - 48 of 50.jpeg

Limited Editions for Sale

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