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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024
**Awarded 5 gold stars  **


sculpture garden

RHS Chelsea flower show
21 - 25 May 2024


In the heart of this enchanted space the rekindle garden, the sculptures finds resonance, drawn to the profound dance of joy and transformation. 


It is here, amidst the gentle rustle of leaves and grasses, that inspiration takes root.

And so, in the quiet embrace of the rekindle garden, these fragments find new life.


Memories take shape as sculptures, bearing witness to the beauty of impermanence and the enduring power of joy.

The garden is a metaphor for life itself — a journey of growth, discovery, and transformation. It is a place to pause, reflect, and find inspiration in the ever-changing tapestry of existence.


And in this special space, amidst the rustle of leaves and the song of birds, discover the true essence of our being—a soul intertwined with the rhythm of nature and the passage of time.

Sculptor's inspiration


I am a storyteller. I am a dreamer. I am an architect of joy.


I want to create sculpture in spaces surrounded by unapologetic joy.  


There are themes of joy and transformation that I seem to just be drawn to.

This years collection is inspired by the Greek goddess Hestia and the re-connection to hearth and home in modern society 


The 'Rekindle' sculpture garden symbolises unity and rejuvenation.



From the wonder and joy of childhood to the beauty of the natural world, each sculpture tells a unique and captivating story.

Each piece embodies a unique story, a testament to the journey through life's ebbs and flows.


From the graceful curves to the bold stances, these sculptures capture the essence of femininity in its many forms— perfectly imperfect yet undeniably powerful.

It's a celebration of the human spirit and all that makes us truly alive.



"Rekindle" sculpture garden colloborators

Dan Hartley Photo.JPG

Garden designer

Dan Hartley Gardens is an innovative garden and landscape design practice based on the London and Hertfordshire border. We are dedicated to creating breath taking outdoor spaces that perfectly reflect your vision and style. With an unparalleled commitment to creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail, we will transform your garden into a captivating sanctuary.

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 08.50.52.png


John Tallis and his team at Outdoor Living Gardens design and build amazing spaces for our clients.

Working in collaboration with our clients, we  believe this close working relationship allows us to truly understand the needs of the garden and how you want to use the space.

This working process has not only allowed us to transform our clients gardens, but also our clients way of living and how they interact with their outdoor space.


Charred timber

Carbon by design introduces a modern twist to an ancient technique with their innovative approach to Yakasugi, also known as Shou Sugi Ban. This traditional Japanese method of process involves charring FSC timber with a torch or controlled fire, fortifies the wood, followed by cooling and softening the char, finishing it to a distinctive matte black finish.

Carbon By Design's dedication to perfecting and diversifying this ancient technique results in visually stunning pieces that marry tradition with innovation, offering clients a truly exceptional and timeless aesthetic for their projects.

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Launching the latest collection of bronze sculptures

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