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"Summer,"  radiating her unapologetic joy whilst searching for seekers of good times.


Crafted with meticulous detail and imbued with the spirit of the season, 'Summer' stands as a beacon of warmth and happiness. 


Whether nestled in a bustling city square, nestled in a tranquil garden, or overlooking a sun-kissed coastline, "Summer" invites all who encounter it to embrace the sheer bliss of the moment.


As the sun bathes the sculpture in golden light and a gentle breeze dances through, it serves as a timeless reminder to revel in life's simple pleasures and savour every moment of lovely weather with boundless enthusiasm.


A bronze sculpture stands proudly, as a timeless testament.


Its form, frozen in time, captivates viewers with its intricate details and graceful contours. The rich patina of the bronze surface tells a story of age and endurance, a silent witness to the passage of time.


Each curve and line whispers of the creator's hands, breathing life into the inert metal  - whether capturing a moment of triumph, a fleeting emotion, or an eternal truth, the bronze sculpture invites contemplation and reflection, bridging the gap between art and reality.


With its enduring presence, it stands as a symbol of beauty and strengt, transcending generations to inspire awe and admiration for centuries to come.


  • always limited edition series

  • made in UK/Ireland by family foundries

  • quality bronze metals used  (88% copper)

  • certificate of authenticity for bronzes

Suitable for in or outdoor settings.

Contact Dawn for viewing, payment & delivery options email:

Summer / Foundry bronze

  • Sculptures can be shipped world wide at cost, no VAT payable on exports outside the UK


    Metric – H: 105 W: 43 D: 30 centimetres (height / width / depth)

    Imperial – H: 42 W: 17 D: 12 inches  (height / width / depth)

    Weight -   55 kgs

    Medium: Foundry bronze

    Foundry Bronze – Foundry Bronze metal is a copper and tin alloy that is shaped using the traditional method of bronze casting, using the lost wax process – used by sculptors in ancient Greece.

    The bronze is melted at extremely high temperatures and then poured into a ceramic mould.

    The lost wax method of casting is a highly skilled, complex, time-consuming and labour intensive process. .

    The skill required in the casting, combined with the innate value of the bronze (which is made from copper and tin), gives rise to the comparatively high price of a bronze sculpture.

    Production time: 8 - 10 weeks upon receipt of deposit

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