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Bronze resin:  SOLD OUT

Bronze metal:  £2200 ~ last foundry bronze artist editon


Created with the inspiration from a pioneering British female river swimmer,  Agnes Beckwith. 


It is a tale of courage and survival as a tribute to the swimmers of yesteryear. 

Beginning in 1875, when at the age of 14, she dived from a boat at London bridge and swam five miles to Greenwich.

Soon she was being billed as ‘the premier lady swimmer of the world’. Her impact on female swimming was tremendous; she opened the door for female swimming as we know it today with bravery and determination.

Looking out to the vastness of life, capturing that glorious moment when you have picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, grabbed your swimming cap and goggles, ready to ‘jump into life’. 


A bronze sculpture stands proudly, as a timeless testament.


Its form, frozen in time, captivates viewers with its intricate details and graceful contours. The rich patina of the bronze surface tells a story of age and endurance, a silent witness to the passage of time.


Each curve and line whispers of the creator's hands, breathing life into the inert metal  - whether capturing a moment of triumph, a fleeting emotion, or an eternal truth, the bronze sculpture invites contemplation and reflection, bridging the gap between art and reality.


With its enduring presence, it stands as a symbol of beauty and strengt, transcending generations to inspire awe and admiration for centuries to come.


  • always limited edition series

  • made in UK/Ireland by family foundries

  • quality bronze metals used (85% copper/tin, etc)

  • certificate of authenticity for bronzes

Suitable for in or outdoor settings.

Contact Dawn for viewing, payment & delivery options email:

Agnes / Foundry metal


  • Size:

    Metric – H: 52 W: 35 D: 20 centimetres (height / width / depth)

    Imperial – H: 20.5 W: 14 D: 8 inches  (height / width / depth)

    mounted on 4 cms integral base with threaded hole for rod to be placed on the underside to mount onto any hard surface.

    Weight -    8 kgs ~ foundry bronze

    Medium: Bronze metal 

    Bronze Resin – also known as “cold cast bronze” or bonded bronze, is made of real bronze powder, mixed with polyester, epoxy or another resin and poured into a rubber reusable mould.

    This is backed up with very strong fiberglass and resin.

    Because real bronze powder is used over its surface, cold cast bronze can be colored or patinated (a chemical reaction with the metals in bronze) to look very similar to Foundry Bronze.

    Foundry Bronze – refers to the poured molten metal that is cast solid or hollow, depending on size, at a bronze foundry (using the traditional lost wax process). It is more robust and will appreciate in value.

    Production time: 8 - 10 weeks upon receipt of deposit

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