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“Around here, we don’t look backwards. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” ~ Walt Disney


Celebrating the world of play.

Memories of childhood days out, that touch the free spirit in us. 

Drawing on the simplicity and stories of our childhood.


The realm of childhood imaginary. Curiosity, fantasy, and downright silliness.

It’s an unexpected journey to our imagination’s boundaries….


Recalling the childlike feeling of possibilities & cherishing the forgotten simplicity of living each day full of simple pleasures.


Limited edition of 9 bronze metal


Large (1 metre in diameter) bronze metal circle hoop with black outer edge and high polished gold interior with running girl holding a balloon following a dog.


  • always limited edition series

  • made in UK/Ireland by family foundries

  • quality bronze metals used (85% copper/tin, etc)

  • certificate of authenticity for bronzes

Suitable for in or outdoor settings.

Contact Dawn for viewing, payment & delivery options email:

Flo & Scout / Foundry bronze

  • Sculptures can be shipped world wide at cost, no VAT payable on exports outside the UK


    Bronze metal hoop with high polished gold interior suspended on central metal stem with buried foundations.

    Metric – H: 160 W: 95  D: 60 centimetres (height / width / depth)

    Imperial – H: 64 W: 37 D: 23 inches  (height / width / depth)

    Figures - 90 cms / 35.5" long (from dog snout to edge of balloon)

    Weight -   37 kgs

    Medium: Foundry bronze

    Stainless steel form work, that would need to be buried and act as a hidden stabiliser for the piece.

    Foundry Bronze – Foundry Bronze metal is a copper and tin alloy that is shaped using the traditional method of bronze casting, using the lost wax process – used by sculptors in ancient Greece.

    The bronze is melted at extremely high temperatures and then poured into a ceramic mould.

    The lost wax method of casting is a highly skilled, complex, time-consuming and labour intensive process. .

    The skill required in the casting, combined with the innate value of the bronze (which is made from copper and tin), gives rise to the comparatively high price of a bronze sculpture.

    Production time: 8 - 10 weeks upon receipt of deposit

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